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Organic Chemistry

I am writing this is the library. I am embarrassed to be writing this in the library. Did I mention I scrolled down the page so no one would see the live journal banner and know that I am, in fact, WRITING THIS IN THE LIBRARY?

Anywho, I am in the library studying. And by studying, I mean mentally preparing for my demise. Tomorrow at 9:00 AM Eastern Time I meet my mortal enemy in combat. That's right. You guessed it. Organic Chemistry. TWO.

This pesky little bitch has been terrorizing me this semester. It makes me question my sanity and ask myself questions such as: will my parents disown me and strip me of my family name if I don't pass this class?

The answer: I wouldn't mind, because then maybe Teve will let me be a Petrosky. Which would be great, since I hear that's like the most powerful name in all of pembroke pines.

I am here to make a confession. I have been cheating on my true love. Sometimes I sneak away from my favorable corner in Chipotle to pop an aderall, I'm thirsty WOOO. WHich obviously causes me to loose my hunger and disregard my real purpose in life: to eat burrito bowls with a tortilla and gauc on the side.

This has all caused me such internal turmoil. What will my friends and family think of this moral faux paux of infidelity? Will the chipotle employees who comment on my frequent visits miss me? This behavior has already tensioned my relationship with my truest friend. My bed. My bed has given me so much and in return I sneak away from it to spend time in creepy corners of the library laughing creepily while doing homework. Is it wrong? perhaps. But if so, I don't want to be right.

All in all, my only regret is doing drugs on my own as opposed to with the only person who has the same addictive personality as myself. My person audiobook, my pageant coach, and the only person who understands the memories that come with The Ridge: Sabrina. So shout out to my girl. I know you''re the only one reading this. BESOS xoxoxoxoxox

Long Overdue Thank You Speech

After the fight to get to where I am today, I have only one regret. This regret is about to be addressed.
Sabrina. You were my mentor, inspiration, pageant coach, and so much more. You allowed me to borrow your formal wear (sweat pants) and helped me with my talent (reading Bratfest outloud to classical shit). Mostly, I would like to thank you for creating an event that would allow us to trick Phil. The same event allowed me to spend my time in precalculus training instead of listening to sir Ruggie.

So here's to Brina xoxoxoxoxoxox.
After Reading Sabrina's post day I decided to do some digging of my own. As it turns out, I HAVE TWO FRIENDS. (Hey Phil!) This is monumental. I never knew my words could affect so many.
Anywho, I am write to express my many feeling:
I MISS MY CAT. I am so desperately longing for the moment Samuel can leap into my arms once again. I dream of our reunion constantly, and the F week seems to just get in the way of my happy thoughts.
More importantly, I will be able to slip into my colored pants and drive on over to see the ever lovely Sabrina Petrosky. Which means I will also be graced with the presence of Teve (hopefully). Maybe we can listen to classical shit and he can call us gay! (Wishful thinking)
Oh how the times have changed. When I first made this journal it was to entertain the thoughts of my (most likely) under the influence mind. See, I was in love back then. With a plant. And wearing colored pants. And taking photos in Sepia to document my love affair with the previously mentioned. That was a simpler time.
Fast forward to the close of 2012. I sit here in the dining room of my sorority house. (Who would of thought I'd be sitting here with a string of pearls around my neck and foundation on my face?) I should be studying for biology. Instead I sit here contemplating Belgian Waffles and Mad Cow Disease, the muses of the common sorority girl.
I decided that eating frozen yogurt was for more important than having my self esteem tank during the ever prevalent VS Fashion Show. As per usual, I have consumed chipotle about 5 times in the past week. The cashier casually greets me with a smug "fatass" smirk every time. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
I would like to give a shout out to my favorite reader, Brina. I know the rest of you out there are jealous, but no worries. You're time will come.
A lot has changed from my last LJ post. Mainly, I am not haigh. These years have taught me that your only truly friends are the ones who read your LJ. Also, I only have one true friend... (hi BrInA xoxoxox)

I'm so sorry to have left you all with such a cliff hanger on my last post. I hope my absence has not caused any of my loyal followers to stop reading.
pEaCe nd BleSSins.
And I said what about "Bratfest at Tiffany's?
She said, "I think I remember the book,
And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it."
And I said, "Well, that's the one thing we've got."

it depressed me that i took the time to do that...
How would you describe your dream home?

Writer's Block: Object of my affection

You may have heard about the woman who married the Eiffel Tower. If you had to marry an object, what object would you choose, and why?

I would choose to marry my burrito bol. <3

Writer's Block: Up in the Air

Do you ever call friends or use the Internet when flying or do you use airplane time as an opportunity to unwind, read, or talk to strangers? How do you usually pass the time when you’re in the air?

isn't calling people on airplanes super expensive?
i just analyze sky mall from cover to cover.

Writer's Block: Mega Bite

If you could own a restaurant, what type of food would you serve, and what would you call it?

I would call it Sabrina's Snacks and make things only in the cookbook in receiving through texts.

How would you describe your life so far in a six-word sentence? How often would your 'life sentence' change?
sabrina and chipotle are my life.

the end,